+ What is ferrofluid?

Put simply, a magnetic liquid or oil.
Ferrofluids are composed of three basic components, nano sized magnetic particles of iron, a surfactant coating and a carrier fluid.

+ Why was ferrofluid invented?

Steven Papell at NASA was tasked with controlling and directing liquid rocket fuel in outer space. The absence of gravity allowed the fuel to float in the holding tank and it was therefore a challenge to pump the fuel efficiently into the rocket engine. Papell envisioned converting the nonmagnetic rocket fuel into a fuel having magnetic properties so that it could be controlled under zero gravity by powerful magnets or pumped through switching magnetic fields. Papell is credited in literature with the preparation of the first magnetic fluid, based on kerosene. He obtained a US patent in 1965.
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+ Why does ferrofluid spike?

A ferrofluid forms spikes along the magnetic field lines when the magnetic surface force exceeds the stabilizing effects of fluid weight and surface tension

+ What is the best suspension for ferrofluid?

We have a number of different suspension liquids we use to prevent ferrofluid from staining. The easiest way for us to collaborate with creators, is to install ferrofluid in a chamber and then ship to creator to design around. This minimizes R&D for the project and preserves our trade secrets. The suspension liquids are NOT retail products and are NOT easy to use. If you have an idea for a display and need some help, shoot us an email on the contact page.

+ How do you make ferrofluid?

We use professionally made FerroTec EFH1 series ferrofluid.

+ Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, please fill out our contact form with the subject "Wholesale", please include the display you are interested in and we will send you a price sheet.