Ferrofluid for Science and Art

Ferrofluids have been used for science demonstrations and artistic displays for many years, because of their unique properties and the fascinating shapes they take when in a magnetic field.  The images in this presentation were all made using Ferrotec ferrofluid in variously shaped containers and with magnets of different shapes and strengths.  Ferrofluid has been used in commercial art, for executive desk displays and for images that are used on the pages of calendars, science texts and magazines.  

The world is in love with these fun shapes, but they serve a valuable purpose as well, to help demonstrate some basic principles of magnetism. If you want to learn more about magnetism in general and ferrofluids specifically, there are many texts and websites devoted to information.  

The links on the last page of this presentation are some sources to check in your study of magnetism and magnetic fluids.