Wow. So if proton-boron fusion is so much better why haven’t you heard of it? Because it’s much harder to achieve than proton-proton fusion. It has a higher barrier of entry. For this reason, most people reasonably assume that it makes no sense to even attempt net energy with proton-boron fusion before regular proton-proton fusion has achieved it. But it turns out it does make sense IF we think outside the box.

Conventional approaches to fusion require the neutrons as a heat source to turn a steam turbine (old-school approach). This is INCREDIBLY wasteful and it’s this kind of thinking that will always lead to a system that creates radioactive waste (because it requires neutrons to extract energy). The dense plasma focus (DPF) device used in Focus Fusion has a different approach. It takes the ions created in the hydrogen-boron reaction and focuses them into a beam that can be directly converted into electricity! That’s a mind blowingly awesome idea. The huge gain in efficiency makes up for it’s higher barrier of entry.