Focus Fusion

From Dinosaurs to Fusion Powered Calculators

Fossil fuels are formed from decomposed living organisms that died hundreds of millions of years ago. These organisms were mostly plant matter, but it's conceivable a small portion is from actual dinosaur remains. Fossil fuels, or Dino Oil if you prefer,  is a chemical store of energy. The energy that these plants captured from sunlight eons ago is stored chemically within the fuel.

We clearly have serious problems with the current structure built around fossil fuels. They're not going to last forever and are doing serious damage to the planet. This is one part of the alternative energy debate that most people agree upon and is the driving force behind the debate. There's a lot of talk about solar energy and rightfully so. Earth has relied on it's energy to fuel life itself, such as the plants and dinosaurs I mentioned above. Since the Sun get's it's energy from fusion,  solar energy is only possible because of.....FUSION! It is correct to say that solar panels are fusion powered, think about that the next time you use your calculator.

Enter Focus Fusion

Is it possible to safely get energy from fusion? Surprisingly, the answer is YES! This little known fact deserves more attention and would no doubt change the world for the better. Check out this scientific review and decide for yourself if it has merit. 

Concept Zero believes this project is a worthy cause. We've done a lot of research (you should, too) on Focus Fusion. After watching, listening and meeting chief scientist Eric Lerner we realized its worth taking a shot on him and his team. They need $200,000 to prove net energy with their design (this is in-the-lab proof of scientific feasibility, not a working generator) and are raising funds on Indiegogo. Once we were convinced of the validity behind his claims, we concluded this is low risk, super-crazy-mega-ultra-high reward.

Even though we're just regular people, we have found a way to contributed that was affordable, creative and increased the awareness of ferrofluid.

We have donated special edition BLU, GLD, & PLT 60ml ferrofluid displays which have helped raise over $35,000. In addition to the physical displays, we have also donated video editing, music, blog posts, and social awareness. We've done everything we can to raise awareness and hopefully will inspire you to do the same.