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Absolutely Interesting since 2008



About Us

In 2008, our goal was to create a line of desktop gadgets by adding ferrofluid in a bottle. 

The meat and potatoes of any two-part liquid display is a high-quality suspension liquid and a professional grade ferrofluid. It's important to know that not all ferrofluid displays are created equal. Genuine Concept Zero displays will not stain, leak, or stop spiking in a few weeks like imitation brands.

We have made tens of thousands of displays and over a 100+ educational exhibits for science centers across the United States. 

+ What is ferrofluid?

Put simply, a magnetic liquid. Ferrofluids are composed of three basic components; nano sized magnetic particles of iron, a surfactant coating and a carrier fluid.

+ What is suspension liquid?

Ferrofluid is notorious for staining everything it comes in contact with. A suspension liquid prevents the ferrofluid from staining a container along with preserving its ability to spike.


Media & Clients

Read some of the articles written about our magnetic displays by visiting our press section to see the headlines we made over the years. 

When it comes to our client list, we like to be discreet about the people and companies we assisted. That being said, we can say that we're behind some of the most famous and viral ferrofluid projects in the past decade. From Kickstarter campaigns to television; there's a good chance Concept Zero was involved.


Product Selection

Browse the largest selection of ferrofluid products in the world. Our chemistry, safety features, and customer service sets our brand apart in a growing marketplace. 






Common Questions

+ Why was ferrofluid invented?

Steven Papell at NASA was tasked with controlling and directing liquid rocket fuel in outer space. The absence of gravity allowed the fuel to float in the holding tank and it was therefore a challenge to pump the fuel efficiently into the rocket engine. Papell envisioned converting the nonmagnetic rocket fuel into a fuel having magnetic properties so that it could be controlled under zero gravity by powerful magnets or pumped through switching magnetic fields. Papell is credited in literature with the preparation of the first magnetic fluid, based on kerosene. He obtained a US patent in 1965.

Learn more about the history of ferrofluid.

+ Why does ferrofluid spike?

A ferrofluid forms spikes along the magnetic field lines when the magnetic surface force exceeds the stabilizing effects of fluid weight and surface tension

+ What is the best suspension for ferrofluid?

We have a number of different suspension liquids we use to prevent ferrofluid from staining. The easiest way for us to collaborate with creators, is to install ferrofluid in a chamber and then ship to the creator to design around. This minimizes R&D for the project and preserves our trade secrets. The suspension liquids are not retail products and are not easy to use. If you have an idea for a display and need some help, shoot us an email on the contact page.

+ How do you make ferrofluid?

We use professionally made FerroTec EFH1 series ferrofluid.

+ Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, please fill out our contact form with the subject "Wholesale", please include the display you are interested in and we will send you a price sheet.


Quality, Safety & Service

All our displays are available in black, gold and blue colored ferrofluid. Our colors are vibrant even in bad lighting and our suspension liquid remains debris-free.








We go to great lengths before releasing any product to the public. All of our displays come with child-resistant closures and are created using a non-flammable/non-hazardous suspension liquid. When dealing with magnets, liquid, and glass, things can get real messy, real quick. To minimize the chances of an accident, we recommend all of our products for ages 18 or older. 


Happy customers build a strong business. If you ever receive a defective product, a replacement will be shipped out immediately at our expense.


Ferrofluid Videos

We often find it difficult to describe ferrofluid displays in words; "A magnetic fluid in a bottle" just doesn't do it justice. Seeing it in action is a totally different experience. Watch more videos of ferrofluid on our YouTube channel.


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