Ferrofluid Jewelry Design

Innovative Jewelry Designer Jonathon Garcia Presents the Ferrofluid Pendant

Jonathon Garcia is excited to be at the forefront of an artistic movement that combines science, technology, and the timeless allure of jewelry. At 29 years old, he’s leading one of the most fascinating jewelry revolutions of our time: ferrofluid jewelry design. At his Michigan company, Elegant Technology, he’s debuting the Ferrofluid Pendant, a masterpiece bedecked with 9.77 carats of VVS1 colorless black and white diamonds, and 55.5 grams of 14K white gold. This pendant is on the market for $24,000, along with other wearable technology pieces he’s created. Jon discusses the unique medium that inspired him, and why he loves bringing it to the masses.

From a very young age, Jonathon knew he wanted to design jewelry. “During free reading time in school, other kids were reading mystery novels while I read all about diamonds and gems,” he says. His dedication paid off. After beginning jewelry design in high school, he graduated in 2004 and left straight for New York to learn from the best in Manhattan’s jewelry district. He met many master jewelers there who agreed to teach him everything they knew, and spent two years working under his mentors before striking out on his own.

His interest in designing high-end contemporary jewelry took a turn for the experimental when he stumbled across magnetized ferrofluid one day on YouTube. Thanks to Concept Zero and their instrumental role in presenting ferrofluid as a popular artistic medium, he knew he’d discovered the future of jewelry.

“Once I researched more about ferrofluid and learned about its future potential for the biomedical field, along with other beneficial applications, I knew I wanted to use it in my jewelry store.” Jon knows that in an age where technology dominates our lives, designing cyber punk pieces using a fluid originally invented by NASA was the natural direction to take.

Garcia finds working with ferrofluid to be a challenging, yet exciting journey. In spite of many trials and tribulations, he knows he has found his niche in the sprawling jewelry world. And he will never forget who introduced him to the mercurial liquid. He says, “Above all, I give special thanks to Concept Zero for helping make these unique designs come to life.”

To see the Ferrofluid Pendant in action, watch the video above showcasing Garcia’s genius. Other work includes a pendant enclosure for the 6th Generation Nano iPod and various nouveau steampunk pieces.